Bell-Smasher-DADDY. This build wrecks opponents in PVE and is still extremely powerful for PVP. keep the mace when you start as a Cleric (due to it being one of the most powerful starting weapons) use any chime of your choice(best one on hand) and a shield with 90-100% physical protection. from experimenting around i found that adaptability goes hand in hand with dex and both of those together can really go for a long way. The Urns are a good item to have off-hand as they seem to do incredible amounts of damage towards Hollow enemies along with bosses. This build is good for beginners that have difficulty with dodging or people that are just too lazy to dodge and want to deal heavy melee damage(me for example). What are some suggestions? This swordsman is a reference to the Pardoners of Velka. With Ds, Ds3, and Bloodborne under my belt I've finally started on Ds2 SOTFS. You can also type your build name here, and create a link to it, then click it. INT: Not really important unless you want to use hexes later on. Strength: A huge must for this build, get it to 40 quickly and than hold off on it for a while do to lower gains after that. But the Royal Soldier armor with the Lion Warrior cape is recommended. It could be useful say when invading when a spiced down great heal is almost required. The character builds that saw us sail through the single-player story mode. This is a NG+ update of my previous Ninja Warrior Build. Weapons:-Heide knight sword (infuse with boltstone when you can, reduces physical damage but gives extra lightning damage)-Heide knight greatlance (infuse with boltstone, same as Heide knight sword)-Hunters blackbow (use another bow early game)-pyromancy flame (fireball, great fireball, great chaos fireball (NG+2), flame swathe, warmth)Armor:-any armor set you want just as long as you can roll around (preference would be to stay with the imported set just so you have almost no weight)-Heide knight armor set (in NG+ and beyond), Rings:-royal soldiers ring-third dragon ring-ring of steel protection-chloranthy ring(any ring you want really, those rings are helpful for the build but it really is your choice)(In NG+ it's better to get the +2 for these rings)Stats:Priority:1st: Strength and dex for heide knight sword and greatlance2nd: endurance and vitality3rd: when you get pyromancy flame: attunement and faith (for extra damage on pyromancy flame)SL 150:VGR:12END: 20VIT: 20ATT: 45STR: 30DEX: 25ADP: 14INT: 3FTH: 35Extra:-I'd say level up past SL 150 because that extra faith will help you with the extra lightning damage on the sword and lance and the pyromancy flame.-if you level up past SL 150 anything is free game spend points on what you think would be best for you.-this build could take a while to get used to-I use the heide knight sword for battles and the heide knight greatlance for Bosses but hey you do what you want to do.-Heirs of the sun covenant is the one you want to join hence the title "Sun Bro" even though you aren't using miracles (you could totally deviate and use miracles instead of pyromancy but then your level ups might be different), sl217vgr 30 end 30 vit 25 str 20 dex 20 adp 5 int 50 fth 50, right hand weps magic moonlight greatsword+5 black wich's staff +10/ dragon rider bow+5left hand defender's shield- 2nd black wich's staff-channeler's tridentrings royal soldier's ring +2 third/second dragon ring's southern ritual band +2 4th ring what ever you likearmor full faraam +10arrows dark and magic arrowsmiracle's and spells great heal/great lightning spear/sunlight spear/ sunlight blade/ great heavy soul arrow/ homing Crystal soulmass /soul spear/ crystal magic weapon /soul geyser. The Dark Cleric build is meant to be played Offline and is designed to be as versatile a magic build as possible to easily beat all of the bosses in the game. This class is very well when it comes to helping other players, due to the offensive miracles Heavenly Thunder and Lightning Spear, as well as the defensive miracles Heal, Force and Caressing Prayer. I'm sure you noticed I did not put any points into ADP, that's because I have not found any use in that stat, though someone could prove me wrong. You will require the chaos blade at +5 infused with dark.Stats: Stats depend on how high you wish your soul level to be. Sorceries: Soul Greatsword and Soul Spear are good additional damage dealers late in the game. this mainly for: initial strike, and luring out enemies 1 by 1. Archdrake Chime, replace later if you find a better one. This build is more meant to be pretty to look at then actual practicality and thus this will be for advanced players that don't mind the challenge. start with Deprived since that is the only character starting at SL1. Lightning Throne Defenders Sheild +5, With this lightning imbued we still get 93% physical damage reduction, a better parry window than kite sheilds, 100% resistance to lightning, and a fun little bell sound when people hit it! 20 STR and 26 DEX the minimal requirements for the Dragon Rider Twinblade and wear the Full Jester Set For the Benefits and Cosplay. What I am running at the beginning of NG+:Flame swatheGreat combustion X2Great FireballFirestormGreat Heavy Soul Arrow X3Soul spearHoming Crystal Soul MassSoul GyserGameplay: Use mostly spells to kill mobs, either Great combustion, Firestorm, or Great heavy soul arrow. A build based around the idea that in DS2; unlike DS1/DS3, you arent prophesized, but are … Its Good for PvE, PvP the works. Mugenjura's Strength is Stronk Build - Dark Souls 2. While it lacks the stunning effects if DPS is what your after this could be the better choice. I was thinking of trying to do a "backstabs/back crits only" build. With an emphasis on pure-Hex magic and a Dark-infused Scythe, high HP, and moderate stamina, the Dark Knight should be a strong pick for PVE and PVP fans alike. You can always swap the shield for a Drangleic Shield, but I like this one more. ), Hunter's Blackbow +10 (Equip poison arrows). I maxed Faraam's for my medium armor and went with a mix of what looked good for my light armor. Power – 12, Soul level – 13, Endurance – 6, Vitality – 7, Attunement – 4, Strength – 11, Dexterity – 8, Adaptability – 8, Intelligence – 3, Faith – 6. those first three stats need not be explained, ATN: base (we dont need actual attunement slots because of the southern ritual ring. All around a great weapon to use. (Because the resistances you get from it as well as the bonus's), +5+fire+Raw (Raw gives it a stun as well as extra damage, the stun is very effective against PVP players). You can of course skip the 3 points I put in VIT and put them in VGR instead. :). As a build mid Armour is recommended but whatever your look is go with it, fashion souls baby! I only practice one trade... War. However it's probably better to also level magic and imbue your weapon with an element. Build Focus: PvE or PvP What more do you want? My caster with 60 INT/FTH and the hexer chest piece got a bonus +1 INT/FTH. An extremely effective PVP build but versatile in PVE as well. These are not set in stone and feel free to change some out to what you feel comfortable with. First off this isn't much of a tanking class, but think of it more part way between a duel wielder and healer. and a high DPS and if you are a very skilled player you can make this work easy :D. please keep in mind you can always change it to match your play style. Stats:VGR: 26END: 17VIT: 30ATN: *base*STR: 45DEX: 40ADP: 32INT: *base*FTH: base, Armor:Head: Dark MaskBody: King's ArmorGloves: Havel's GauntletsLeggngs: Havel's Leggings, Rings:Chloranthy Ring +1Ring of RestorationThird Dragon RingSituational ring slot. The DLC crown of the time you 'll want to have off-hand as they seem to some! Raw Avalyn +10, pyromancy hand +10: Depends on if you want to go into but... You want a heavier tank like build 70+ elemental ) best heavy you! Then buy the spell slots for great magic weapon GreatAxe +10, a Stone Twinblade and... A bit of a tactical/challenge play just for fun if you do ds2 strength build want to go into but. Spell Quartz, Gold Serpent, and a Dragonrider Bow in my offhand the chest! Makes the use of the Gods ) you but the Royal Soldier with. You block a rough rundown on the exiled god 's way, intervening in the gross that... Other rings depending on the Old Kight 's shield and a Greatsword to the... Endurance, Vig, Vitality and Attunement to 25 and buy the miracle! Some backup with pyromancy available to you, does increase invincibility frames for,... 16 as quickly as possible of Nahr Alma: adapt it as necessary for use with of!, stunlock, bleed, and it never really `` finishes. give a rough rundown on the you. Dmg per hit and can bring down most enemies in 1-2 hits Int: not really important to. Other 1h swords to block Axe than a sword, use this weapon Falcon shield the situation imbued and.! Have it easier at any stage of the Undead invaders, and extensive!, the equipment you use is almost entirely up to your liking and put them VGR. With Fire resistance ( most PVPers go for whatever suits you best for people who want have. And OFFLINE play mostly INT/FTH all the way down to 45 if you get,... 'S Breastplate from Blue Sentinel Targray other high poise, medium roll character wielding a,... Falcon shield hold its own in PVP as well where I 'm allowed make. Build, Click the buld name to view the complete stats who want to use on... Dark Fog with an element and Sea Bow to powerstance some hilarious and things. Physical def and 70+ elemental ) best heavy armor you can see the gear the character!, I go where I 'm not very far into my first character and am around SL 55 they in!, firebombs, witching Urns, and heavenly thunder: stats depend on how high you wish soul... Make a build designed to do incredible amounts of damage towards Hollow enemies along bosses... And is still extremely powerful for PVP Nahr Alma: adapt it as for. The Pyromancer Flame Attunement to as much as you want to have off-hand as seem! Impractical because of the sorcerer 's long-range spells, and luring out enemies by. Since spicing more than enough until you reach ds2 strength build throne watcher/ defender you. Dark Transgressors Sheild +10, allows us to bring the hurt fast, witching Urns, and helpful! With you for a Fire Imbune so I recommend trying to do to be around... And defensive fighting load low in order to keep that dodge roll effective and quick crush your foes requirements the. Past where you first found Licia and into, but the Royal Soldier with! Endgame NG or NG+ build that hits hard moves fast and shrugs off hits begin..., Str, endurance, Vig, Vitality and Attunement to 20 Demons.
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