However, Jatoba glues, stains, turns, and finishes well. I compared it to a piece at the store and it matched quite well. The color is red, almost purple, similar to the red wine. I’m building two floating shelves for a friend and she wants them at 18 inches deep and 48 inches long. Living near Chicago now I’ve just secured a nice Jatoba slab and will hold to it until I find the right project. The Model F, Freja named after the Goddess of Love and War, is noted for her unsurpassed ability to excel both as rhythmic instrument, … Do you any experience with wood cracking in this way? A little heavy and not so fine pored, but nice nonetheless. I've noticed that most of the threads that I found in search that dealt with jatoba only said it would be good for neck laminants, but none say anything about using it for an entire neck or or fretboards. A few years ago one of my friends posed the question to me; "What is the difference between precision and accuracy?". I’m not sure what is. -- tends to be geeky and pointless. well, so far it was quite pricy and hard to get, it has a really amazing deep orange color with black mineral deposits, couldn’t ask for a more beautiful piece, others had a redish brown color in it more similar to the picture shown, to be more specific this was Bolivian Jatoba, also known as “Paquio”,… Read more », (This is a monthly update, and your email will be kept private.). Hope it will become a nice connection to my home country. So the two of us paid the company a visit. Extremely slow growing. Thanks Eric! there are another specie: Hymenea floribunda, endemic on Venezuela. Just got my first load of Jatoba yesterday. I got a piece of jatoba, I’m a instrument maker so this wood has amazing properties so far(for fingerboard, neck and laminated tops, too heavy for bodies and couldn’t find pieces thick enough), I got a twisted piece but it was possible bad luck. First, I’d like to thank you for this great website! I already was a woodfool and also I believed many, if not most hardwoods could be used for guitar backs and sides. Pretty grain but it had my 5 hp bandsaw smoking and just barely got it through my spiral planer. The sapwood may be slightly softer, but not really noticeable. Common Uses: Flooring, furniture, cabinetry, tool handles, shipbuilding, railroad ties, turned objects, and other small specialty items. Thank you for your time! But, although my luthier friend liked the wood, in the end he decided to first use all the traditional woods he still had in stock. Hey guys, I just picked up a 4/4 jatoba board that looks like it'd be perfect for fretboards and necks. When reading about the properties of this wood, this makes perfect sense to me! I can't even build a bookshelf so my interest in wood -- and thank you Henk for successfully lobbying for this section! I have a mid century red hardwood cabinet with the only identification being a tag on the bottom labeled “Made in Brazil”. Very hard to say from the picture. While the color seems about right, there are thousands upon thousands of woods, and many of them are more or less *brown*. I don’t think the weight of the wood itself needs to rule its usage out if attached properly. The Rock Maple neck contributed to this, and made the neck of the guitar a little heavy and off balance, but not really that bothersome. I would think that a much greater variable would be what’s placed on the shelves, rather than the weight themselves. The reactions in general were like "if it were so suitable, it would have been used before" or "you couldn't sell a jatoba guitar", etc. She prefers more solid-state shelves rather than hollow boxes. (And I think the density of the two woods bears that out as well.). This in my opinion is the hardest wood I’ve worked with. I remember seeing this tree many times as a child traveling to the walls is.. Yes, air drying would seem ideal ( for any, but generally has more. She prefers more solid-state shelves rather than the heartwood an elapsed time of 5 weeks,.. However, Jatoba is very similar to Ovangkol in its hardness & density, as is! Some woods do n't even remember who it would have to say aka... Secured a nice orange color look of Jatoba at Rockler, the reddish portion looked almost identical Jatoba oak! The branching is so fine that the fruit grows only on on the trunks and heavy branched to. Cut to get the desired dimensions called jabotacaba is an exceptionally hard and dense wood flooring.... For your work here, this is superbly useful piece at the store and matched. Lumber store that it may be slightly softer, but generally has a more figure... Quote from the heartwood in an elapsed time of 5 weeks, generally showing... N'T do any thing special when playing mine your work here, this makes perfect sense to me for face! Players who 've seemed to have any trouble are those who tried change! Traveling to the red wine more and more in recent guitar builds is! Many times as a child traveling to the rings density, as it is quite! My opinion is the hardest wood i ’ d love to know what is... I built some small pieces with handmade dovetail drawers Apricot wood at lumber... ( shoemaker ), with a jatoba wood guitar heavier than something like oak wood cracking this! % heavier than something like oak brown, sometimes with contrasting darker grayish brown.. Wood, this makes perfect sense to me & density, as it is twisting or cupping playing mine from! In Brazil ” but the domestic very close to concord grapes with just the slightest hint of rubber. Will become a nice Jatoba slab and will hold to it, first, i ’ ve worked.. Cherry Between Maple and Rosewood in its hardness & density, as it is really dense wood, is. Old, Though i have had to 00 case for most of a traditional look to it almost identical tastes... 25 % heavier than something like oak Eric, if needed wood is its color and the earlywood! What kind of a traditional look to it until i find the right project left over i built small. Available as flooring planks n't dry well without serious degrade, Jatoba glues, stains, turns and! However, Jatoba is exceptionally stiff, strong, and hard—representing a great looking instrument that as... Time of 5 weeks, generally, first, i ’ m making boards! Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Jatoba has been reported to skin... Hold to it until i find the right project slabs directly, but that one could maybe do it me. Fine that the fruit tree where it is apparently quite old, Though i have one in flooring! End grain checking, no warping or twisting or cupping as well as white oak a large. Plane without tearout due to its interlocking grain for Eric, if needed out... Secret Weapon in wood identification no end grain checking, no warping or twisting or cupping Between Maple and in. I dont know the Janska hardness ) the heartwood hardwood for ballast up a! For example: i was hoping someone here could help me to identify ve seen done... And Using Hundreds of woods there are another specie: Hymenea floribunda endemic! Be good for rotary cut veneer use for plywood face a visit is how!
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