All control equipment specified in this permit shall be properly installed and in good operating condition before the spray booth is operated; 6. Your application must include payment of all applicable fees, and a set of plans (digital copies of plans are preferred and should be uploaded within the application). Different ordinances and permit requirements result in a lot of variation in the process. Do I Need a Permit to Install a Spray Booth? Spray booths/spray rooms and exhaust duct work shall be protected in accordance with the Building Code and operated and maintained in accordance with the Fire Code. Form LR: Quarterly Lead Emission Reporting. Form IN: Air Pollution Control Permit Application for Incinerator or Afterburner . In many cases you will need to obtain a permit, or amend your current permit, before installing a paint spray booth.Spray painting and associated paint spray booths are of concern due to the volatilization of the solvents used to carry the paint solids as well as the overspray paint solids themselves and the hazardous constituents of both. This application is for the spray booth applications. Form MVR: Air Pollution Control Permit Application for Spray Booth or … spray, volatile vapors, mist or combustible residue, dust, odors, and exhaust. Form FP: Air Pollution Control Permit Application for for Food Preparation Unit. by the spray gun manufacturer; 4. Only contractors with a valid license to work in this area may submit plans for review. The Department issues permits to install booths or rooms used to spray paints, The spray booth, spray guns, and filter media shall comply with any supplied warranties, recommendations and stipulations set by the manufacturer of the equipment; 5.
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