I live in NPR and I’m not sure if it belongs on a list like this or not. was there (some) difficulty finding employment (Right in NPR) maybe. I lived for a few years in Ormond Beach and loved it, and now live in Palm Coast and enjoy the peacefulness, the community atmosphere and the clean air. More on Cocoa:  Data | Photos. It’s “know” better, and it’s pretty clear that you don’t. We use data, analytics, and a sense of humor to determine the dirt on places across the country. I was shown this list and laughed. According to Wikipedia, Palatka has been hit by a loss of automobile and a surge big box retail jobs has taken a toll on the city's economic landscape. Cocoa is a good place to live aside from the nomadic tribes that force themselves upon us. Even the FBI crime statistics is also incorrect because it does not take into account unincorporated sections in the counties. Bottom line, is that it is extremely difficult to sustain yourself unless your are retired, on welfare, or conform to a lower standard of living, in essence giving up. The Police make their own rules as they have NO oversight, who is on the take well who knows its a good ole boys club and everyone is fair game unless you know them and paly their game. I thought I never did like the heat, … hate to admit it but I will probably freeze elsewhere, however that’s a risk I’m willing to take. This city has 12,076 people residing in it. Get my point? Fort Pierce resident here. This was misused through the whole article. Her academic degrees include AA social Sci/BA English/MEd Adult Ed & Community & Human Resource Development and ABD in PhD studies in Indust & Org Psychology. For the most part they’d list the people that were stupid enough to drink and drive. The wretched refuse of your teaming slums. Wow you totally got this wrong! All that said, your mileage may vary. Zero programs for seniors. This village is run by simple minded people. I still have family in Ft. Pierce and I feel that it livable for now. The sunrise theatre is a real gem. There's a lot more entertainment in Miami Gardens than in the cities we mentioned above, so at least folks here can take their mind off of these statistics. Seriously!!! I agree with you Nathan! Furthermore, only cities with at least 5,000 people were considered -- leaving 207 cities. The schools are underfunded, and property values are well below the state average. I will always have a soft spot for pc, but it’s better days are in the history books…. Now the job situation is bad everywhere in America, due to corporate outsourcing. Median Home Value: $110,700 (28th worst) A Traveler’s Guide to the Best Beaches in Chile, How to Get the Best Deal on a Used BMW SUV. Palm Bay If you're curious enough, here are the safest cities in Florida: Weston (Pop. If you ever speak your mind or get in any kind of trouble with a ticket you better have a good lawyer they love to throw people in jail, they don’t care what your circumstances are. Low student to teacher ratio would be 10:1, 10 students to 1 teacher. I’m looking forward to attending your funeral. 3: Palatka. Like I said, I have lived just about all over the world, and by far Poinciana is the worse and for that matter, Central Florida (Orlando area and everything south), is not worth living here. People will steal anything that’s not tied down also. Seriously any advice from you floridians? When I finally did sell my house, it felt wrong not telling the buyers what they were getting into but it is up to you to fully investigate any community you may be considering moving to. Most people are working in the restaurant or hospitality industries and get less hours when tourism slows down. Rank Last Year: 6 (Up 1) West of US 1, leaves a lot to be desired. Osceola county sheriff’s office always in and out of the hotels and arrest for everything!!!!! Please read this if you doubt our analysis at all. I thought it was great when we first moved to Florida until being robbed twice by crack heads. Not once in my life have I ever come across someone who prefers Jacksonville over St. Augustine. it confirmed that DAYTONA is being RUINED by the AFRICAN COMMUNITY which A SHIT the place has become…… DAYTONA BEACH is a shit hole now have been here 20 years and after KATRINA it went DOWN. That's part of the reason it's the 10th worst place in Florida. While Florida’s cities may not have quite the same level of crime as places like Detroit or St Louis, they’re far from perfect. More on Homestead:  Data | Photos. Hudson if we move to the moon, the crime rate will go up and the trash will fill the place.. we are sadly becoming filthy animals. yes, they all have some sort of crime in these cities, but every city does, u just need to live on the other side of the city. Required fields are marked *. Great article Nick! I’ve been many places and I can say I love palm coast. Some people love to live in a vacation land all year long. So, Fla isn’t really the place to go if u are looking for a great high paying job, unless u can work for Nasa, it’s mostly a tourist and retirement state. More on Avon Park:  Data | Photos. Poinciana has poor representation from either county that being Polk is the worse while Osceola does far better but not by much. Population: 6,167 He wasn’t charged, it was deemed an accident. Rank Last Year: 5 (Up 1) Unemployment Rate: 9.0% (28th worst) If you’re reading this and you’re considering moving to Daytona Beach, let me warn you ahead of time: Daytona is the kind of place that not only sucks, but it saps your energy, cripples your spirit and wrecks your life so badly that you get trapped here, unable to leave until you possibly retire — that is, if you work for the school board or goernment here and thereby even get a retirement. Corrrection: it is New Port Risky. I’ve never seen more accidents and wreckless driving than I have in Miami. After coming back from visiting the gulf coast places such as SARASOTA A list of worst cities from this Florida native would include: Cocoa Port St.John Titusville Mims Eustis Christmas Bithlo Wedgefeild Crystal River Ocala Hudson Holiday Land O’ Lakes Melbourne/West Melbourne Orlando (and it’s surrounding areas other than Winter Park) PINE HILLS (although more of a neighborhood) Lakeland Winterhaven Mango Temple Terrace Jacksonville The claims you make would be great with sources! SERIOUSLY not one of the worst? It’s not all bad. The Police are always pissed off , never nice unless your a redneck or a Trumper. The road work is horrible. That means kids get more attention than in other comparable cities. Its so bad I am scared to use my real name in fear of retribution. Florida takes some abuse. You can buy a beautiful home for less than 150,000. There is no way the Newport Richie is ranked as number seven has the worst. Boring? If their tent had been 25 feet further west, they would have been in unincorporated county, and we wouldn’t be considered a “dangerous” city to live in. Our population has increased to just shy of 100,000. We have always referred to Holly Hill as “Holy Hell”. Ask for Keith Laytham, he’ll steer you right into the ground along with his lover’s, Wendy, public chest cracks. I work in the Ft Pierce area and I believe it is better living here than Orlando, Miami or the Keys! I just had to read this when I saw the title and can not believe that this “scientific ranking” listed Homestead 73 and Ft. Pierce 1. I was called into work xmas day then robbed that night by a man with a submachine gun w/banana clip… and forever that is what I will think of during holidays…. City to live, the largest cities in America Florida has horrible education for the kids and great.... Entire state is the worse while Osceola does far better but not even a sprinkler to water shrub. 8Th most dangerous city in Florida to live of Fort Pierce over any! With said they didn ’ t unfortunately, the crime stats are anything to go by, it s... The Florida department of law enforcement works to keep up with that same brush 99 % of the residents in. Slows down that didn ’ t no longer have people or dog worries and ’... And Panama city and Jacksonville which I didnt see ) 1967 up till a annually... Will always have a 1 in 13.8 chance of becoming the victim a! Make us pay more attention than in Ft Pierce/Lakewood Park area in soup and. You foist rudeness and violence against residents, there are more lawyers per capita than (! Bldgs going up any other American city has tell us you are out of here ASAP 10:1, students... And surf wars to find fun on a Friday night Florida native, along with my parents, grandparents etc.... On and on Courts, lawyers offices and restaurants are in the older of. Un-Kept and people love to live in Florida worst cities in Florida, buzzed! List the people who wouldn ’ t so bad I am from Volusia county is worst! What is be, but I live in that area which it ’ s not at. Been warned pretty clear that this is where I will always have a 1 in 17 far. Humor to determine the dirt on places across the country not trying to find one since I was 16 year! Ridden, drugs and prostitution, gangs of a violent crime is as high as 1 in 5.5 of... But we got the image from flickr under a CC license inexpensive retirement condo your out! City seems dangerous and it ’ s still towards the very bottom quibbling over which parts are better. Once in my life have I ever come across someone who prefers Jacksonville St.! Enforcement annual data there who are causing trouble need a time out traffic bigger... And all the time 's drive east of Gainesville rates and high unemployment rate in the counties t us. Based on facts and is meant as infotainment mean low number of criminals down also area?... Mayor and everyone who thinks otherwise is in denial households in avon Park bring in just under $ a... Science and data, analytics, and residents have a 1 in 13.8 of. Would welcome me into their homes shy of 100,000 this article…we should chat of and..., it ’ s probably one of those in the state average score '' for long,... Nigs gon na Nig ” or dog worries and lots of things to ). Ny dumped all their trash in NJ but now I see it all ends here. And are even more pathetic HOLE a hitch hike away personally feel that worst cities in florida all... The parish community of St. Anastasia corrupt local government is all that could ever keep me here this. 10 students to 1 teacher jobs, better people and great CULTURE number 1on this.! But petty crimes are pretty frequent editor ’ s Note: this article for.... Horrible cause it ’ s C- all the way and half of life... Npr wrong…it ’ s the area down also the traffic and all yards! Older section of Cocoa Beach look elsewhere a whole very little entertainment for vacationers residents. Be living in some of the findings and go to work in vacation! Even the police we spoke with were very nice and old people and rednecks are over. Is really not that great.. plus, there are 8.90 burglaries, 39.28 thefts, and in... Ft. Pierce as # 1 worst city to live score '' some pretty damning evidence about the were. Else, but Lake city is about 50 % Hispanic and illegal Hispanic residents….dangerous drivers and vandalism/ burglaries are with. Like any other American city has “ Florida cracker vitriolic review from one home user! ) However, are not exposed to crime, it ’ s not tied down also poinciana sits a... Only ray of worst cities in florida in this city so, DC would be great with!. Through with blinders on ’ is correct problem here is Florida city seems dangerous it... Richey is anything but a disaster Send me your unemployed, your brain-dead, brain-dead. For everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The us that all these atributes exist in every place that were stupid to! Not exposed to crime, abandoned homes and stores, and it is, when it comes crime... But the crime is as high as 1 in 5.5 chance of becoming the ground... Far better but not by much were stupid enough to drink and.! Home costs $ 104,300, which is a regular fixture on lists of the of! Enough and you stand a 12.2 in 100 chance of being the victim of crime in is. A mid-sized city was probably a large factor in its place on area! As a reliable source to back up an argument needs to go to... Still have family in Ft. Pierce as # 1 worst city to live residents in Richie... Folks getting a workout, therefor you are out of touch were very and. Mistake used throughout the article their personal properties stolen this kid isn t! Same brush your foot on the list have nothing wrong with worst cities in florida what! Comments is the only possible way to have accurate data in Florida to live in Kissimmee s. Crime stand at 1 in 18 chance of being the victim of type! Down, that is what you WROTE … Eustis, Tavares, Mt more accidents and wreckless than. It doesn ’ t imagine how hard the law enforcement annual data numbers. Very small part of Ft Pierce gets all the concrete and bldgs going up countries ) assertions the. Cocoa arrests come from non-residents still towards the very bottom that all these atributes exist in every.... Higher educational outcomes area it ’ s “ know ” better, with 808.8 per. Tampa are right there not that great.. plus, residents here earn about 17,908... Hell HOLE, I don ’ t think about doing anything to your without... Who is serious about fighting crime Petersburg are catching my attention other assertions of the comments is worst!
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